Congratulations UConn

It sure ain’t like a riot in the old days. This picture shows that. Come on drinking Coors Light during a riot is down right pathetic. Painting you nails before you go out to a riot is classy though. It shows exactly why she went to a all fluff school like UConn. Even Stanford students can carry out a riot with better taste. They would at least have brought some marshmallows to roast with the car antennas, and can you see what the imagination of California Institute of Technology students would have come up with if they were going to riot. And yes they had a better right to riot than UConn students did, having won their first conference basketball game in years or is that decades. Anyway you get the picture.

Here is a full link to where the picture came from with more pictures. A couple of those girls are defiantly going to get caught since they were so photogenic.

BigBlueRules offers our congratulations to the UConn students on their trip to the county holding block. May you enjoy tonight’s game.

The Day After

I awakened this morning to a bright sun shining. The air has a breath of spring and the sun has a little warmth for these old bones. All that was a good reminder to me that I am still alive and looking forward to a great team come the chill of fall and the cold of winter later in the year of 2011.

In reflection the loss was a bitter, bitter pill to swallow for all of us fans. Those that have actually played the competition of collegiate basketball (and other sports) probably feel and understand it even better than I, but it was no less a bitter pill. We will probably dissect the game a little more as we move forward and heal a little, but for now we must heal.

What should be foremost in our minds, at least in my view, is the joy we received from those same young men as they won game after game. They proudly wore the UK uniform for all of us insatiable Big Blue Fans. They came to UK knowing that they would be held to a different standard than most young men at other schools. They knew that every move and play would be dissected and debated by perhaps millions of the UK faithful. They came knowing that the press would tend to write negative things about UK and their coach. They came knowing they had history to uphold and the proud tradition represented by all those banners hanging above Rupp Arena. They knew that jealousy and envy would be the norm if they came to UK, but they came anyway.

They came because they wanted to be a part of something special. Those young men and coaches are winners even though they lost the last game. They can and should hold their heads high, because they left it all on the floor. Every young man representing UK left it all on the floor last night. They certainly failed in all they were trying to do, but it took a monumental effort by UConn to win that game.

There was Knight (speaking for all the players) brandishing the uniform for all to see after the victory against UNC. That said it all to me and Brandon I want you to know that I am just as proud of you today after the loss as I was on that day. Certainly many fans go over the top with their adulation, hatred and demonstration of UK players depending upon the circumstance. The same can be said about going after our adversaries as well. A game is a game and should be treated as such. It isn’t about life and death. It isn’t about worrying about where the food is going to come from and other such challenges of life.

Basketball is a game albeit a wonderful game. We can ride the wings of victory, but it is the losses whereby our character is tested. Losses mold the metal in the players and fans alike. Therefore, today, I am spending my time being thankful for all those young men on the team. Not just one of them, but for all of them. They have made me proud to wear my UK stuff no matter where I go. Going forward, I fell they will do the same for the university.

It is my hope that all of them come back next year to keep building upon the successes of this year and last year as well. I am looking forward to seeing the next crop of young men come into the system to perhaps hang some more banners in the rafters. However, it is the banners they hang in their hearts and our hearts that keep the history of UK elevated like no other program in the nation.

In finality, thanks to all the coaches and players for the remarkable year.

Triumphs n Tribulations

Being a Kentucky fan this year has been like playing with TnT. Some times we were up and sometimes we were down, and sometimes we were blown away by the triumphs our teams gave us.

Football started the season off with many of us having high expectations for our Cats to continue their climb to the top. After starting the season with wins over Louisville and a couple of cupcakes we came face to face with reality that’s the SEC. Granted we beat the old balls coach and took national champion Auburn to the wire before losing but we couldn’t get over the hump with the east teams. The Vanderbilt win can be ranked up there with the cupcake wins over Western Ky and Akron so the only reason to mention it is that its a win. Tennessee was the loss that hammered the team and fans the worst. They were down according to our thoughts and ripe for the picking. Unfortunately instead of picking the Orange they squeezed us like overripe grapes. The final game of the season was a embarrassing lose to Pittsburgh after losing QB Mike Hartline due to stupidity.

What should we expect in Jokers second year? A better defense and special teams for a starter. On the other side of the ball with the loss of so many key players we should expect a grind it out less scoring offense with more use of the TE position and fewer long completions.
Triumphant players: Randall Cobb, Derrick Locke , Danny Trevathan, Winston Guy and Mike Hartline.
Tribulation player: Mike Hartline who ruined his best season.
Season Ranking: Tribulation

Basketball started out with some eye popping games by the freshmen before running into UConn and a tsunami named Walker in Maui. We finished the non conference part of the season strong with wins over big east powers Louisville, Notre Dame and a blow out at Indiana. A 2 point loss to North Carolina could have as easily been a win and the rest of the games fell into the football cupcake category.

We started play in the SEC where home games were like canned food for the Cats and away games were dried food. Losing those road games made the Cats realize that they preferred canned food and they finished the season roaring by beating Florida and Vandy at home and then showing they were over those road woes by pulping the Vols.
Then the Cats continued to show they had crossed over the hump by sliding through the SEC tournament like a veteran mature team while showing the fans that they were the team that the fans and coaches thought they could be.

After an insulting #4 seed while Florida received a #2 the Cats traveled to Tampa where it took a last second shot by Knight to win pull out a tough win over Princeton. After a revenge game win over West Virginia they faced #1 overall seed Ohio St. Once again they proved they were able to win a close game as Knight finished the nutz off with a jumper with 5 seconds left. That brought them to the regional finals where unlike last year the Cats had a easy time knocking off North Carolina in a sweet revenge win.

Then it was off to the final four in Houston to face UConn in the semifinals. The Cats came out cold and were down by 10 at the half. At the start of the second half shots started falling and they took the lead only to go cold and ended up losing by 1 point.

Everyone knows what I just wrote and if they don’t agree blame it on my magic fingers.

What can we expect with next years team? That’s going to depend on who returns. Josh is gone but if Knight and Jones decide to return like Lamb has said he is and you throw in the #1 recruiting class this team will be hard if not impossible to beat. Hopefully coach Cal will finally realize that free throws are a necessity not an after thought.

Was this Coach Calipari’s best coaching job? You bet it was but that’s to be expected when you coach at the best basketball school in the country.

Finally thank you guys for giving us what we have longed for for 13 years. Hanging a final four banner in Rupp ranks you right up there with the best to ever play for Kentucky in our hearts.
Finally part deux. In my opinion the player of the year for the wildcats is Josh “Jorts” Harrellson.

Triumphant players: The whole team especially Josh Harrellson who took his game to a level where he has been invite to Portsmouth..
Season Ranking: Triumph

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